Phd Opportunities

2016 recruitment:
I am offering projects in the following general areas (though I am also open to suggestions) for the October 2016 starting point. We can discuss more specific details once you contact me:

Maternal Effects on parasite susceptibility

Caloric restriction and its consequences for immunity and ageing

How do mothers communicate to children? Transgenerational epigenetic effects on offspring health

UK, EU and international students can be considered. Our lab is integrated with the following PhD programs, among others:

Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health

Yet, the best first step is to email me the following:

(1) your CV, including the contact details of two referees who can comment on you
(2) a one page statement of your research interests, including a description of research you have been involved with, and research you would like to do
Further details of the application process are available here

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