Animal Diversity and Evolution DNA Barcoding Practical [BILG09019](Organiser: Tom Little, Mark Blaxter, Andrew Rambaut). Learning objectives: understand the Linnean system of taxonomy and master dichotomous keys. Species identification via DNA barcoding for a set of challenging specimens.

We are now trialling the use of 3rd generation sequencing technology - the Oxford Nanopore MinIon - to extract, sequence and bioinformatically analyse organism in the field and in real time, thanks to a fantastic recent training experience at Porecamp (#porecamp on twitter for all the biz)


Field Zoology [BILG09017](Course Organisers: Tom Little, Per Smiseth) Learning objectives: pose and address relevant ecological questions in the field. Design a study and demonstrate statistical competence. Implementing DNA barcoding when appropriate for the question and design. Barcode your organisms (from extraction to analysis).


Sex and Breeding Systems [ZLGY10013](Course Organiser: Tom Little) Why do most higher organisms reproduce sexually? Why be diploid rather than haploid? Why should there be separate sexes? Why is there recombination? How does ecology influence the breeding system? Such questions are amongst the most fundamental that can be asked, and are the focus of much current research in evolutionary biology. In this course, we examine explanations for sexual reproduction and the variation in how organism approach breeding.